Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas....

Things have been super crazy these last few weeks.  I've been trying to get everything ready for Christmas while still trying to keep up with my Physique 57 workouts....and I cannot fail to mention that Jon and Steph are getting married in 38 days!!

It seems that each weekend we are doing wedding stuff - I am so loving it!  There still seems to be a ton of stuff to do but our days are slowing running out. Stephanie is taking on so much herself and doing an amazing job.  She is one lovely bride-to-be and she is not showing any trace of being a Bridezilla either.

Last weekend my awesome, amazing son put up my Christmas lights.  He outdid himself and made me oh so happy.  Our house looks wonderful and Christmassy as Holly said.

I finally finished the inside of the house as well.  It took me two weekends to finish our tree and the inside decorations but I am really happy with how the inside of our house looks.  I love coming home and turning on the lights inside....even tho Christmas is such a stressful time, I love it!!

Just a quick blog post for tonight.  Oh yeah, I forgot, I've been getting up at 5:45am to do my Physiqueing - I seem to be so busy after work that it makes it easier to start my day with my Physique 57 workouts.  And....N has been keeping tabs on me too :)

Until next time my fellow Physiquesians....

Here's hoping that everyone stays as stress free as possible as we all prepare to celebrate Christmas...

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  1. The house looks GREAT! Good job on the workouts...the only reason I've been getting up at 5:45am is because a certain "little" someone demands that I do;) And even then I pretty much go from my bed, down to the couch- shame on me!