Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back on the blog bandwagon....

It's been a couple of months since I have excuses, I've just been super busy.  I've been training for my first 1/2's hard being an athlete (hehehe).  I use that term loosely, but it seems appropriate since it is Olympic season.

I've been grounded for the last 10 days because of an injury to my I decided to rest it a bit and not push it because I really want to be in good shape for my 1/2 marathon (that's what athletes do) I've been using a lot of this stuff...

But then, I consulted with my very special private trainer, my P57 Holly Boo, and she suggested I try acupuncture.  She was helped so much.  I have had 3 sessions so far and have 3 more scheduled for next week.  Why do I just happen to have a picture you ask, well, being the FB junkie that I am, I had to take a pic during my 1st session...

And, once I got good results from my treatments....and my P57 private trainer was gently pushing me to commit...I did this...

I registered for my very first 1/2 marathon.  It is on my 54th birthday, October 7, and I'm running it with my baby boy.  Sure wish my baby girl could join us too ;)

And....then this week...I found this.  My favorite P57 private trainer doing what she does best.  I love these...these are now being added to my training schedule.  

So, until next time my faithful followers and fellow Physiquesians....

Sunday, June 3, 2012

P57 and a 1/2 Marathon.....

I've taken on a new sport.  I've been running....well really wogging at this point (as my DIL says, running and walking)!  I've thought about it many many times over the last several years, and finally just made like Nike and told myself...just do it!  I want to be a runner.

A person who runs competitively as a sport or hobby: "a marathon runner".

I went to A Snails Pace Running Store and got fitted for the proper shoes so I could at least look like a runner!

My new favorite thing is my Nike+gps app for my iPhone....I start that puppy every time I go out and play my boys....and off I go :)

I get cheers from my friends along the way and I can get instant updates when I'm done.  Although I'm still working on bettering my pace, I'm definitely putting in the mileage.  I'm excited to hit 100 miles!!

Almost 72 miles in 19 runs!

My one concern is my left calf!  It hurts, oh boy does it hurt, but only when I'm running which tells me I have not injured it! Phewwww!  It takes about a mile to get warmed up and then it is better but not great.  I started with my Physique 57 workouts again tonight.  My favorite instructor ;) told me that doing my P57 workouts in between my runs will certainly help with my pain and keep me stretched and strong.  I trust my favorite instructor!!

I've set a pretty lofty (that's my favorite new word) goal for myself.  I'm determined to make it happen.  When I turn 54 years old on October 7, 2012, I will be doing this....well the 1/2 Marathon!!

Oh and I have another goal for that day....I will be wearing LuLu Lemon when I run!

So until next time my fellow runners and Physiquesians....

Oh and PS:  I'm am heading to see my Jersey Girl, SIL and GrandPuppy in 11 days!!
I cannot wait.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Hi faithful followers....

I've been trying to "find" myself.  I love doing my Physique 57 workouts but I have been feeling so "stuffy" lately.  I'm stuck in an office all day long then I would come home and try to Physique but our weather here in Cali is so beautiful that I want to be outside.  I have always wanted to try my at running so I thought I would do both.  I'm gonna get myself on a nice running (brisk walking to start) routine then switch off between running and Physiqueing so I can continue to work on getting toned and in shape. (I'm still dreaming of having killer abs).  I am heading to visit my Jersey Girl and SIL next month and I intend to take some Physique 57 classes with my favorite instructor so I need to stay on top of my Physiqueing too!!

I got a bit of a kick start doing a 5k on Saturday at the MS Walk, we (mom, dad, #3 and I) actually made it about 2.5 miles since we always cheat and cut the course. :) Then on Sunday, I did an actual 5k walk (with Tiffy) as part of Team Thomas at the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation Cinco de Mayo fun walk.

 Angie's MSBehavers

Team Thomas
RIP Little Dude

So I dug out my Nikes and found this super cool app for my iPhone and off I went.  I can set it and play my music and it chats to me along the way, it posts to FB so if anyone comments on my post it gives me a shout-out, then I can post my success for the day.  I love it. 

This is my total for 3 days...pretty good for a beginner.

So this sometimes lazy Suzie has put in some pretty hard workouts in the last few days.  I'm setting goals for myself.  I want to work up to running 5k's then10k's then shoot for a 1/2 marathon.  I checked on line and there is one on my birthday.  The Long Beach 1/2 marathon this year is on October 7, 54th birthday. A hefty goal but I'm gonna do my best to achieve it.

So...I'll be running and Physiqueing..... and staying well and fit and happy.

So until next time my fellow Physiquesians...and runners...have a great weekend.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Sunday!!

I took Saturday off from my Physiqueing because I was beat and I was sore and I had a ton of stuff to do yesterday.  I had a good weekend tho and I didn't feel guilty because I knew I would do my Physique 57 workout today.  I did, woot woot for me :).  It's fun to admit to myself that I really do feel good when I am getting some exercise time in.  I am still struggling with the abs work tho (bummer, because I really want to work on that area :/) but I have a hard time with positioning the mats on my lower back.  I will find a way that works tho.  I'm switching between my pillows, towels, kiddie mat and my Physique 57 ball.  I wish my private instructor was here to help me...hint hint Holly Boo!

Saturday was a really busy day...I had to take Tiffy back to the vet because she has been miserable with skin allergies and gets really bad when the pollens are going nuts or it's windy out.  Last week I had to take her in for a steroid shot and an antibiotic shot so yesterday was a re-check with Dr. Laura.  The shots worked and her skin looks much better but now she has an eye infection.  Oh my $10k Yorkie pup!! While Tiffy was back with Dr. Laura having her eyes checked...I just couldn't resist making this:

It's amazing how many pictures I have of Miss Tiffy on my iPhone...this is not even all of them.

Yesterday after Tiffy's appointment we did a impromptu trip to Disneyland.  Nothing beats seeing the Happiest Place on Earth through the eyes of little ones. It pays to be a season pass holder.  I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do...but it's really fun. Especially because it's only about 20 minutes from home.

Jon and Steph came up and stayed the night which always makes me so happy.  I love when my kids are around...I just wish my other two were not 3000 miles away and I look forward to the day when we all live in the same place again :)

So, on this lovely Sunday evening, I'm finishing up laundry, had some wedding pictures printed up, went to Ikea to buy some frames, did my Physique 57 workout (hello Tanya), and feel really good.  No complaints from this girl.  I feel like it's gonna be a good week.

Until next time my fellow Physiquesians...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th!

Most people find Friday the 13th a bad day full of superstitions...bad luck...and uneasy feelings.  I however love Friday the 13th.  I don't recall anytime in my life that something bad happened to me on Friday the 13th.  Today was a particularly wonderful Friday the 13th.  I had an awesome nights sleep last night...probably because I Physiqued before going to bed.  I had a good day at work.  I was invited to dinner with some good friends.  I had a great conversation with my newlyweds and I Physiqued again tonight.  I feel great!

I'm again on a roll with my Physique 57 workouts....I'm a big post-it notes is my newest one. I will be making modifications to this as I continue with my Physique 57 workouts so I can stay on track. 
Woot Woot...I'm 2 for 2 :)

Until next time my fellow Physiquesians...
Happy Friday the 13th.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Don't stop...Don't stop...

"When no one is joining in on your pity party, maybe its time you left too."

I found this quote tonight and I loved it!  I was definitely having a pity party and it wasn't getting me anywhere.  I am done, over it, ready to get past it.  

I was falling back into my old ways and making excuses...those dang old Suzie excuses.  I have been a slacker--I've not been Physiqueing.  Yes, I've done my Physique 57 workouts here and there so I could tell myself that I was Physiqueing but I really wasn't.  I've had a ton on my mind lately - a lot of heart ache and hurt feelings and stress so I was ignoring all kinds of stuff and making all kinds of excuses not to do my Physique 57 workouts.  I was telling myself that my pants aren't really too tight; my unmentionables still fit....blah blah I must be in good shape. Yeah, right!!.  The only person who was miserable it seems was I have turned over a new leaf...I'm not gonna worry about people or things that I cannot control and be thankful for who I am and what and I have and know that the people that mean the most to me are all that matter to me. that I have that off my chest...I'm gonna brave it and do something I've been putting off doing for a long time because I just plain didn't want to do it...but...I'm posting the dreaded "before" picture to start my soon to be transformation! Arghhhhh, I guess if I see it I will want to change it !! I just noticed something so funny....notice the basket of magazines and Jessica Alba looking up at me as if she is saying...go Suzie go :)

I also set some realistic goals for myself. I figured if I was successful in giving up Starbucks for Lent.....46 whole days and I didn't cheat once...then I can Physique until June when I go see my Jersey Girl and my SIL and my grand puppy.  

When I head to Jersey City...

I'm gonna do this....

And reward myself with this :) 

So, I'm super happy to say that I'm feeling pretty good tonight.  I'm happy to be back Physiqueing....I'm feeling really really good.  I got some gentle little nudges along the way from H & N to get me back on track.  My Baby Girl told me just the other day that the hardest part is getting started again (she was right, as usual) and N said that pressing "play" is the first step. Well ladies...I'm back.  

Fun blog updates will be coming...I have a ton of fun stuff to share.  My baby boy got married...I've been wanting to share the details and pictures with everyone. BTW...I got into that amazing MOG dress I was working towards and I felt amazing and looked lovely (if I do say so myself)...

So, until next time my fellow Physiquesians......remember to keep pulsing and squeezing :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Tonight is the eve of our 33rd wedding anniversary!  2-24-79...seems like so long ago.  We have been through so much in the last 33 years.  I must admit, it has not been without trials and challenges...but we keep coming out on top.

We have been blessed with two amazing children.  We did something right that's for sure.  They are both successful and happily married to amazing spouses ~ Holly and Matt are fast approaching three years and Jon and Stephanie ~ just hit their 1 month anniversary.

We face many challenges - Mauro and I are always separated by 3000 + miles - we spend many weeks apart but we persevere.  We are reconnecting!  Many people don't understand why our lives are like they are, but we do what we have to do.  People don't always admit to themselves that not all is a bed of roses...I think being able to admit that allows us to change that.

So, this weekend we are again together in Cali, if even for a few days before he heads out to Latin America again, but we are making the time for a together trip. I'm excited!!

I just couldn't resist sharing a couple of then and now pics...

The Newlyweds 2-24-79

I think we look pretty dang good!!
Happy Anniversary's to another 33!
I love you.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Physique 57 Nudge!

To push against gently, especially to gain attention or give a signal.

I received a gentle Nudge today!  N sent it to H and H sent it to me. 
Allow me to share :)
(Read it from top to will be much more meaningful)

It's ok....I'm just kidding! Just giving you a hard time like you used to give me about my blog. ;-) love you!  

Start physiqueing when you'll feel much better! ;-) and then you can start blogging again and N will be so happy! ;-)


Sent from my iPhone

On Feb 21, 2012, at 2:33 PM, Suzie <> wrote:
I know I actually have a draft started.....:(..I'm trying to get my pics downloaded so I can finish it.  I'm having such a hard time getting motivated. I was actually going to get up early to Physique this morning but tossed and turned all night because my legs were acting up...kinda that restless leg syndrome. I didnt fall asleep until 4:30...Give N my love. Love u baby girl xoxo

Sent from my iPhone

On Feb 21, 2012, at 9:22 AM, Holly Hendricks <> wrote:
I got this from N today...

Tsk Tsk ;-)

Love you!

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:
From: Natasha Attal <>
Date: February 21, 2012 12:13:55 PM EST
To: Holly Hendricks <>
Subject: mama suzie
Why isn’t she blogging anymore L

Natasha Attal
Social Media Manager
161 Avenue of the Americas, Ground Floor
New York, NY 10013
646-588-4850 p
917-214-1237 c

Point well taken ladies....I came right home from work today, took Tiffy out for a walk, came back home, went immediately upstairs, put on my work out clothes (Old Navy)...sound familiar...

Pulled these babies out...

And I Physiqued tonight!!! Can I get a WOOT WOOT for Physiqueing tonight?  I was very rusty (but still got my push-ups Woot Woot), Tanya kicked my bootie (tell her I said hi), and it was hard keeping up. I'm tired, sore and a bit smelly (I kinda want to break out in song to Phoebe's Smelly Cat but I won't).   BUT....I'M BACK!!!

I have been having a bit of a hard time getting re-motivated to blog and do my Physique 57 workouts lately.  At first my lack of Physiqueing was legit...I hurt my back (that's a whole new post that is soon to deserves it's own), then I was busy with all of Jon and Steph's amazing wedding plans (that too deserves a solo post-it will be fantastic)....but I must admit, I fell back into my old ways.....the Suzie excuses :(.  I don't know why I do that.  I was feeling so goooood when I was Physiqueing but I just did it.  No excuses, no real reason, no pity party, no good answer. BUT....I'M Back!!

So my lovelies...H & N....thanks for the gentle, much needed NUDGE. 

Until next time my fellow Physiquesians....