Sunday, June 3, 2012

P57 and a 1/2 Marathon.....

I've taken on a new sport.  I've been running....well really wogging at this point (as my DIL says, running and walking)!  I've thought about it many many times over the last several years, and finally just made like Nike and told myself...just do it!  I want to be a runner.

A person who runs competitively as a sport or hobby: "a marathon runner".

I went to A Snails Pace Running Store and got fitted for the proper shoes so I could at least look like a runner!

My new favorite thing is my Nike+gps app for my iPhone....I start that puppy every time I go out and play my boys....and off I go :)

I get cheers from my friends along the way and I can get instant updates when I'm done.  Although I'm still working on bettering my pace, I'm definitely putting in the mileage.  I'm excited to hit 100 miles!!

Almost 72 miles in 19 runs!

My one concern is my left calf!  It hurts, oh boy does it hurt, but only when I'm running which tells me I have not injured it! Phewwww!  It takes about a mile to get warmed up and then it is better but not great.  I started with my Physique 57 workouts again tonight.  My favorite instructor ;) told me that doing my P57 workouts in between my runs will certainly help with my pain and keep me stretched and strong.  I trust my favorite instructor!!

I've set a pretty lofty (that's my favorite new word) goal for myself.  I'm determined to make it happen.  When I turn 54 years old on October 7, 2012, I will be doing this....well the 1/2 Marathon!!

Oh and I have another goal for that day....I will be wearing LuLu Lemon when I run!

So until next time my fellow runners and Physiquesians....

Oh and PS:  I'm am heading to see my Jersey Girl, SIL and GrandPuppy in 11 days!!
I cannot wait.


  1. Run, Mama, run!! Keep up the awesome work!!

    P.S. "Hello, my name is Nessa and I'm a "Lulu-aholic" (as my hubby calls it)." I have certain days of the week dedicated to what I call "Lulu-days," where I stay in my Lulu's all day long;) Hehe!

  2. Go Mom! Can't wait to run over the BB with you! oxoxoxo