Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stephanie's Bridal Shower

Our Beautiful Bride to Be
The future Mrs. Mendoza
We had Stephanie's bridal shower a few weekends ago and had a blast.  She wanted a "Something Blue" shower...and we did not disappoint, if I do say so myself.  Stephanie's sister Katie, her mom and I planned the shower and we were so happy with the way it turned out.  Everyone had a really nice time and all of the guests were so generous with such amazing gifts for Stephanie.

The day was absolutely beautiful! The weather was perfect..not too hot not too cold, just perfect.  Our dear neighbor Charlotte offered her backyard so we were able to rent the tables and chairs and umbrellas that Stephanie wanted.  The whole shower turned out perfect.

Our neighbor Yvette made this yard sign using the picture of
"their bench"....Jon and Steph carved their initials in a bench
by the beach after Jon proposed!
Bride-to-be and mother of the bride
Our amazing dessert table
We found these really cute Tiffany boxes for party favors....we filled them with Gummy Bears - Stephanie's favorite!  Each table had vases with pretty white roses and Jon and Stephanie's engagement photos - all printed in black and white.

One of just a few of Jon and Stephanie's amazing engagement pictures.
  Me, Holly, Stephanie, Katie and Linda.
Photo album table and all the gifts.  She got so many nice things.
Mother of the Bride, Bride to Be and MIL
Holly's new sister to be
Ring bearer Andrew
Flower Girl Natalie 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Wait........I bought new weights!!!

I am kicking butt with my Physique 57 workouts - or so I think :).  I am feeling so good physically and mentally about myself.  I came right home, wait, I didn't.  I WENT AND BOUGHT NEW HAND WEIGHTS...the ones I had were so yesterday.
These are outta here....
I am now the proud owner of these twins.
I instantly felt the burn and I am still feeling it as I sit here doing my Physique 57 update.  I was realizing that my old hand weights were just way too light (well, maybe not way too light, that is a bit dramatic) but you know what I mean.  I want to work hard so I wake up sore because then I know I had a successful Physique 57 I didn't sleep well last night so I hope my Physiqueing tonight will allow me to drift off to dreamland and have a blissful slumber tonight.

BTW... today is my babygirl and awesome son-in-law's (SIL) 2nd wedding anniversary....that surely deserves a few pictures in this post as well.  I love you Holly and Matt! xoxo

Until next time my fellow Physiquesians....

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I went dancing this morning.....

Physique 57 thigh dancing that is!!!  I was working the Physique 57 classic with Tanya this morning and I felt I felt great!!! News flash...I need to go buy heavier hand weights....I'm movin' up. Woot Woot for me.
these are outta here....
I must admit - it is so hard to get up and get motivated after a really long, hard, and busy week at work. I am still in the mindset where I can easily just not do it...just use the excuse that I am way too tired.  It is true, I do feel exhausted once the weekend rolls around but I am trying so hard to keep my mind (and body) in a better place (and the guilt note up where it belongs).   I noticed the other day that I put a guilt note in my wallet too (I don't remember doing that) but it works. I must keep Physiqueing....I have goals to achieve and I am going to do just that!!

I woke up this morning, took Tiffy for a walk and then said to myself..."get your bootie up stairs, get out of your PJ's, put on your workout clothes (Target again) and go bond with Tanya!!" No lumpy bottom for me...I'm working it!  I like Tanya..that lady can push me like it's noone's business.  No matter how exhausted I am...I can't stop because Tanya tells me not to stop...I have to listen to her or else! :) Just kidding Tanya...I think you are great.
Hello Tanya....
One thing I have to do this week is order my ballet just doesn't work using Holly's old desk chair...I deserve that ballet's gonna be my gift to myself so I can get better at my Physiqueing.

I'm so excited...we are going to Jersey City for Thanksgiving this year. I'm gonna take some Physique 57 classes in the Big Apple with my Boo....I cannot wait to see how much better I am since the last time I took classes.  I am a Physique 57 girl afterall!! :)

Until next time my fellow Physiquesians....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dedication Day for Jackson

We were lucky enough to be able to join our family when our great-nephew Jackson was dedicated at church at the beginning of the month.  It was such a special time to share in another milestone of this little punkin's life. I am blessed because I have a great bond with both sides of our family.... no in-laws here just one big family.

After the dedication there was a lunch for all of the church members and guests. Mauro and I got to spend a few hours with his sister, brother-in-law and our nieces and nephews and their sweet little ones.  My niece Angela started calling me Grantie to make it easier for my great nieces and nephews....I hope these little ones call me Grantie too :)  We are proud to be great aunt and uncle to these little angels....
Grantie and Kylee and Levi
Ava will be here before we know it.  This Grantie cannot wait!
Great Uncle Mauro, Grantie and Levi...
don't you just want to squeeze those cheeks
Uncle Mauro, Diane and Melissa
Desi and Levi
Diane and Levi and me
Kylee and Grantie
Little Jackson and Uncle Danny with the book we got him
I think this picture is so beautiful.  CL Photography by a family friend...Chris Scieneaux.....
like his FB page C L Photography.

                                         Looking forward to more fun times with family :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Funday....but first Physique 57 from my Saturday Funday.....

OK so yesterday I spent the day with my parents and was a ton of fun; I tried very hard not to over indulge. I ordered a diet coke then chased the girl down to change it to an iced-tea! Anyone who knows me knows that this is a major sacrifice when it comes to my beverage choices.  We went here....

I did well with my lunch choice (the whole time thinking that I have got to Physique 57 when I get home-BTW..the guilt note is still in it's faithful place).

I, with pride, looked at the SkinnyLicious Menu and ordered the SkinnyLicious Turkey and Avocado sandwich (no mayo!) Freshly Roasted Turkey Breast, Smoked Bacon, Avocado, Tomato and Mayonnaise on a Toasted Bun. Served with a Green was delicious! 

Oh yeah for me...I'm gonna be able to skip my Physiqueing this weekend....I did good! NOT!!

Let's get real...who can go here....
without ordering this.....

In my defense...I shared it with my sister and then my nephew had a few bites I can say, with all honesty, I DID NOT EAT THE WHOLE THING. Phewww...glad I got that off my chest! (gotta work on the chest but that's a whole new Physique 57 story...hopefully there is a booster for that because my chest and Abs seem pretty friendly with each other, kinda an exaggeration, but oh what a picture I do not ever want..sorry for that visual my friends!!)

BUT...oh man, I just blew my chances to not have to Physique 57 this weekend.  So up I get on this lovely Sunday morning, take Tiffy out, feed her, get on the computer to FB stalk (most people need their coffee first thing, not me, I need to see what everyone has been up to and what I missed), then I march upstairs, put on my workout clothes (Target, again) and do this...

I really like this Physique 57 Arm & Ab Booster makes me feel good and less guilty about I may have eaten the day before!!

So again...the old Suzie is sitting on one shoulder and the new Suzie is on the other...the new Suzie and Physique 57 won again! Woot Woot.

Until next time my fellow Physiquesians...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

America's Got Talent....but I've Got Physique 57!

Well hello Tanya...I've missed you.  Shelly and I have been bonding with the Physique 57 booster sessions but I've missed you so I thought to myself...."go hang out with Tanya for a bit tonight".

I must admit Tanya...I got my groove on but my groove was letting me down tonight :( My groove wasn't letting me move quite as much as I wanted to. I just didn't feel 100% tonight.  I went to the eye doctor today for my exam (I haven't been since I had my Lasik surgery over 3 years ago) and the drops that she put in my eyes are still bothering me and on top of that I was hit with the totally unexpected...she said I have mild cataracts! WHAT!  I can't have cataracts.  I'm not old, I don't feel old. I'm a Physique 57 girl.  I think the news bummed me out so much that I just couldn't focus on my Physiqueing tonight.  I got really tired really fast. My thighs hurt, my shoulders hurt, my legs hurt...and I just couldn't finish. I made it thru 30 minutes then I had to throw in the towel.  I'm not proud of that fact but the old Suzie would not have even started.  The old Suzie probably would have gone to sulk with a big frozen yogurt or an In-n-Out Burger... but not the new Suzie. The new Suzie at least gave it a shot.  I'm proud of myself for that.

On a brighter note..I'm finally mastering push-ups - modified as they are, but I'm doing them.  I couldn't even do 1 a month ago, now I can do 10!! That's because I'm Physiqueing on a regular, consistent basis. Woot Woot for me!!! Woot Woot for Physique 57!!

Also...I'm still working towards that Mother of the Groom dress goal.  I've been looking at dresses and I know that I want to be a cool, young looking Mother of the Groom not some old looking, cataract having Mother of the Groom.

I don't want to wear something like this:

I really want to wear something like this.

OK...enough. I'm done with my pity party.  Tomorrow is a new day.  My eyes will be better. I will be in a better mind set.  I am not gonna worry about the cataracts but I am going to renew my AARP membership and get the free stuff at Denny's....people with cataracts deserve at least that :)

So...until next time my fellow Physiquesians....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Post Bridal Shower Physiqueing....

I was beat after work today.  I came home, took Tiffy out for her walk, grabbed my computer, sat down on the couch and began to surf the web and blog stalk, oh, and FB stalk.

All I can say is...good thing I still have my guilt note stuck to the TV....and this:

Note on my fridge from my Holly Girl....
notice how she changed it when she was home this weekend...
now 4 times a week :)

What a whirlwind weekend I had. But, no Physique 57 for this girl over the weekend :/...arghhhh.

Two bridal showers, two trips to LAX (so worth it tho, cuz my baby girl came home!!), but......I slacked and indulged on goodies over the weekend.

The good news is this:  
cupcake at bridal shower #1: chocolate with buttercream frosting = 234 calories (I only ate the frosting - I'm addicted) so really only about 44 calories (I googled it);
cake pop at bridal shower #2 = 190 calories (I googled that too)..but I only ate 1/2 of it, so roughly 95 calories!
Let's not discuss my self-serve chocolate and red velvet cake Yogurt Land Frozen Yogurt with almonds and chocolate chips...I will keep that between me and my Boo :)

I digress....back to my lack of Physiqueing this past weekend.  So I said to my self, "bad need to march upstairs, get into your workout clothes (Target again) and get into your Physique 57 workout room."  So I log off my computer, march upstairs, change my clothes and get ready then realize, I can't find my hand weights!  Who touched my hand weights?  Don't move my stuff I thought...but wait, this could be good. This could be an honest excuse to skip Physiqueing tonight because I am so tired and besides, Tanya and Shelly always tell me to grab my hand weights.

NOPE, not good enough!  So I text my hubby and my baby girl and both lead me to my hand weights.  Phewwww...back to my workout room to Physique tonight.

My dedication, and maybe a little addiction, is taking over.  The old, not wanting to exercise Suzie can try to convince myself that it is OK to skip my Physique 57 workout, but then the new Suzie, the "I really like my Physique 57 workouts" Suzie, pushes my bootie up those stairs and pushes me to get to work.

So tonight, in honor of my conversation yesterday with my Holly girl, and the goodies I had over the weekend, I did this.  
My Holly Girl brought me this to add to my Physique 57 collection.

So again, Physique 57 won!  I did the 30 minute booster tonight, not because I was lazy but because I wanted to see how the Arm & Ab Booster was.  I liked it. The 30 minutes went by quickly and I felt great! Tomorrow will be the Physique 57 Classic workout, but tonight it was my Abs that needed attention.

BTW, we don't suck in our stomach (that's an organ in our body) we suck in our abs! Right Holly

Until next time my fellow Physiquesians.....

Monday, September 12, 2011

My babies...

Just a quick blog entry for tonight.  We had an oh so busy weekend.  A bridal shower for my niece-to-be Adrianna....then my Holly girl came home for a bridal shower for our Stephanie future DIL.  She is the lovely bride-to-be of my baby boy Jonathan.  Holly loves those two so much that she would not have missed flying home for the shower....even if it was only for two days.  I will blog about the shower in the next day or so but for now, I wanted to post this pic of my babies before Jonathan took Holly to LAX for her flight home.   Safe travels baby girl.

 These two make my heart so happy!

I love you Holly & Jonathan

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Saturday with Jon and Steph in Redondo Beach

Saturday, Mauro and I drove up to Redondo Beach to spend the afternoon with Jon and Steph (always a happy time for this momma).  Jon and Steph, with their wedding just a few months away, have been looking for a new bedroom set for the last several months. They finally found it and purchased a really pretty set that I am sure will last them for many years to come.   Hey...Jon asked....can you guys bring up the explorer so we can take the old bedroom set to the storage unit until we can move into a two bedroom apartment when one becomes available?  (They just rented the storage unit that day). Sure Jon, no problem, except the explorer has a qazillion miles on it and I don't trust driving it around Lake Forest let alone all the way up to Redondo Beach.  I suggested we take my 8 month old CRV because dah, the seats fold down and we can probably fit the stuff in there (I'm sure they guys are thinking, sure it will-yeah the stuff will fit!).  Well, guys being guys, and never in a million years would they haul stuff in their cars, made it happen. As Stephanie and I were heading out to buy some rope or something to tie the stuff down on top of my car (because it won't fit in the back)..we walk out to find this...
I'm sure it will fit....we can just fold the mattress in half. 
Hey dad, just a little bit more and the back is gonna close -  I just know it.
They remove the headrests, recline the seats, shove the sucker in,
use the mattress as their headrests,
 and away they go.
They dropped off the first load, came back and shoved the chest and night stands in the back, tied the box spring on top of my car (I couldn't stand to see that so no picture) and made it to the storage unit with only minutes to spare before they closed. But the new furniture is so pretty and it was worth the work to make room for it.

Queen size platform bed with two drawers on each side 
Their mirror is on backorder...I can't wait to see that.
After the storage unit run, and Steph and I did the grocery run, Jon became Mr. BBQ man. My son is so domesticated these days.

The grill master.
Just hanging out with Dad.
The future Mr. & Mrs. Mendoza
Forever my baby boy.
Chloe kitty
After - so yummy!

We always have such a good time when we get to spend time with Jon and Steph.  The next few months are going to be busy and fun as we wind down with all the plans and watch these two amazing people get married....1-21-12...only 136 days to go! 
We love you Jonathan and Stephanie!!