Thursday, September 1, 2011

30 minutes of Physiqueing

So, I got home tonight and saw it....the guilt note. are not gonna get me down again guilt note, not tonight! But, I will keep you there for a while longer as my reminder tho...but now I'm in control.

I marched upstairs, put on my cool workout clothes (from Target), headed to my Physique 57 workout room and decided that today I was gonna do the 30 minute Physique 57 Thigh and Seat Booster.

Now, I definitely need help with my serves me well and all, but it could use some work.  I use it 9 hours a day at the office, but it would be nice if it were smaller and firmer, so off I went. I took my position, started to high step it, getting my arms and knees up higher and higher each time, and kept going for 30 minutes..30 lonnng minutes.  Why did my Physique 57 Classic 57 Minute Workout seem easier last night than the 30 minute Physique 57 Thigh and Seat Booster did tonight?  I gotta tell ya Shelly...that booster busted me. I was beat!!

But....I have a new mini goal so I must keep at it.   My Holly is coming home in 9 days.  She and I were having such a nice conversation this morning and she said "Mom, I definitely want to lay out when I get there..I need some sun" (we have this awesome backyard with a beautiful pool that hardly ever gets used) and I said "sure honey, we can even go to the beach if you want"....WHAT, why did I say that?  NOOOOO. Now I have to put this much needed Physique 57 work in progress body into a bathing suit. Yikes...why didn't I just leave well enough alone and say "sure sweetie, we can lay out all afternoon if you would like".  Man did I set myself up.  So now I need to squeeze and pulse for the next 9 days because I refuse to wear a bathing suit... to our beautiful sunny California beach with my beautiful well-toned and in-shape daughter...I refuse to wear a bathing suit that has a SKIRT! I think I need the Physique 57 30 minute Arm and Abs Booster now!!  I do believe Tanya will get me thru this potential disaster tho...because she does say... when you are at the beach, you can walk away without your towel wrapped around you because your bottom is firm!! I'm counting on that Tanya.

I must admit tho...I walked around today like I thought I was all that! I was Physiqueing for 57 minutes last night and thought I was totally transformed today.  I was standing taller, holding my tummy in, keeping my shoulders back...heck, even the doorman at our building gave me an extra look today (or so I thought)....So, feeling like I was all that, I thought to myself... I am going to treat myself to some LuLu Lemon for by birthday because I am a Physique 57 girl and I want to look like the other Physique 57 girls who wear Lulu Lemon....besides, I figure by that time, I will be super cool and can give up shopping at WalMart and Target for my workout stuff....I think I will buy my LuLu Lemon workout stuff in the Physique 57 blue color!!

Until next time my fellow Physiqueians....

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