Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Post Bridal Shower Physiqueing....

I was beat after work today.  I came home, took Tiffy out for her walk, grabbed my computer, sat down on the couch and began to surf the web and blog stalk, oh, and FB stalk.

All I can say is...good thing I still have my guilt note stuck to the TV....and this:

Note on my fridge from my Holly Girl....
notice how she changed it when she was home this weekend...
now 4 times a week :)

What a whirlwind weekend I had. But, no Physique 57 for this girl over the weekend :/...arghhhh.

Two bridal showers, two trips to LAX (so worth it tho, cuz my baby girl came home!!), but......I slacked and indulged on goodies over the weekend.

The good news is this:  
cupcake at bridal shower #1: chocolate with buttercream frosting = 234 calories (I only ate the frosting - I'm addicted) so really only about 44 calories (I googled it);
cake pop at bridal shower #2 = 190 calories (I googled that too)..but I only ate 1/2 of it, so roughly 95 calories!
Let's not discuss my self-serve chocolate and red velvet cake Yogurt Land Frozen Yogurt with almonds and chocolate chips...I will keep that between me and my Boo :)

I digress....back to my lack of Physiqueing this past weekend.  So I said to my self, "bad Suzie...you need to march upstairs, get into your workout clothes (Target again) and get into your Physique 57 workout room."  So I log off my computer, march upstairs, change my clothes and get ready then realize, I can't find my hand weights!  Who touched my hand weights?  Don't move my stuff I thought...but wait, this could be good. This could be an honest excuse to skip Physiqueing tonight because I am so tired and besides, Tanya and Shelly always tell me to grab my hand weights.

NOPE, not good enough!  So I text my hubby and my baby girl and both lead me to my hand weights.  Phewwww...back to my workout room to Physique tonight.

My dedication, and maybe a little addiction, is taking over.  The old, not wanting to exercise Suzie can try to convince myself that it is OK to skip my Physique 57 workout, but then the new Suzie, the "I really like my Physique 57 workouts" Suzie, pushes my bootie up those stairs and pushes me to get to work.

So tonight, in honor of my conversation yesterday with my Holly girl, and the goodies I had over the weekend, I did this.  
My Holly Girl brought me this to add to my Physique 57 collection.

So again, Physique 57 won!  I did the 30 minute booster tonight, not because I was lazy but because I wanted to see how the Arm & Ab Booster was.  I liked it. The 30 minutes went by quickly and I felt great! Tomorrow will be the Physique 57 Classic workout, but tonight it was my Abs that needed attention.

BTW, we don't suck in our stomach (that's an organ in our body) we suck in our abs! Right Holly

Until next time my fellow Physiquesians.....


  1. Great job Suzie!! I'm so proud of your dedication. That is wonderful that you made the choice to go do the exercise when you really didn't feel like it. You give me inspiration girl! Keep up the good work.......you'll be lean and mean in no time!! Luv ya!! xoxo