Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Saturday with Jon and Steph in Redondo Beach

Saturday, Mauro and I drove up to Redondo Beach to spend the afternoon with Jon and Steph (always a happy time for this momma).  Jon and Steph, with their wedding just a few months away, have been looking for a new bedroom set for the last several months. They finally found it and purchased a really pretty set that I am sure will last them for many years to come.   Hey...Jon asked....can you guys bring up the explorer so we can take the old bedroom set to the storage unit until we can move into a two bedroom apartment when one becomes available?  (They just rented the storage unit that day). Sure Jon, no problem, except the explorer has a qazillion miles on it and I don't trust driving it around Lake Forest let alone all the way up to Redondo Beach.  I suggested we take my 8 month old CRV because dah, the seats fold down and we can probably fit the stuff in there (I'm sure they guys are thinking, sure it will-yeah the stuff will fit!).  Well, guys being guys, and never in a million years would they haul stuff in their cars, made it happen. As Stephanie and I were heading out to buy some rope or something to tie the stuff down on top of my car (because it won't fit in the back)..we walk out to find this...
I'm sure it will fit....we can just fold the mattress in half. 
Hey dad, just a little bit more and the back is gonna close -  I just know it.
They remove the headrests, recline the seats, shove the sucker in,
use the mattress as their headrests,
 and away they go.
They dropped off the first load, came back and shoved the chest and night stands in the back, tied the box spring on top of my car (I couldn't stand to see that so no picture) and made it to the storage unit with only minutes to spare before they closed. But the new furniture is so pretty and it was worth the work to make room for it.

Queen size platform bed with two drawers on each side 
Their mirror is on backorder...I can't wait to see that.
After the storage unit run, and Steph and I did the grocery run, Jon became Mr. BBQ man. My son is so domesticated these days.

The grill master.
Just hanging out with Dad.
The future Mr. & Mrs. Mendoza
Forever my baby boy.
Chloe kitty
After - so yummy!

We always have such a good time when we get to spend time with Jon and Steph.  The next few months are going to be busy and fun as we wind down with all the plans and watch these two amazing people get married....1-21-12...only 136 days to go! 
We love you Jonathan and Stephanie!!

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