Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday quickie....Physique style :)

Happy Saturday everyone! I woke up feeling a bit sore from my Physiqueing yesterday...ouchie!  I again struggled with my inner self....skip a day, skip a day, it's ok! NO NO NO...guilt note is still posted on the TV! You are on a roll, go Suzie go!  My inner self lost!!

Upstairs I go to get out of my PJ's and into my workout clothes (Target again...I have a very limited workout wardrobe)...I put in the Physique 57 30 minute Thigh and Seat Booster and off I went.

I must say, I have never been one for an addictive personality (except for maybe Starbucks or Golden Spoon or Yogurt Land frozen yogurt) but........I do look forward to my Physique 57ing.  If I have to have an addiction, Physique 57 is a good one...if I do say so myself!!

I am realizing tho that I need better equipment. The desk chair that Holly had when she was 10 doesn't really work too well for me-it is way too short (I guess since I have been Physiqueing for a whole 4 days straight now, I am standing much taller).  So, I think I'm gonna buy this:

And I know what you are all thinking....but NO this is not me :) (thanks for thinking that tho, you did think that right?).....but maybe some day!

So now that I have had my Physique 57 workout on this beautiful Saturday morning, I am off to get showered, dressed, and head out for the day (maybe I will swing by Starbucks for a Grande Passion Tea Lemonade!). 

Until next time fellow Physiquesians..... baby girl comes home in 7 days, yipee!!  
I wonder if she will think to bring the Physique 57 30 minute Arms and Abs booster DVD for her momma...hint hint ;)

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  1. Are you sure that isn't you in the pic!? I may need to come over when "Ms. Physique 57" is in town and have a private training sesh! :)