Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday night Physiqueing

TGIF!! The week is over!! I came home super tired from work tonight...I felt like I couldn't wake up all day.  Time for a three-day weekend.  My mind started in with the excuses's Friday, I can take a day off from my Physique 57 workout - NO; I did it last night, that's good enough - NO; I can watch a little TV then do the Physique 57 Thigh & Seat Booster again - NO, I did that last night...NO NO NO! Man I'm starting to get so strict with myself.  I know...maybe I can actually get in a re-run episode of Toddlers and Tiaras then do my Physique 57 workout after that - NO.  DANG...leaving my guilt note smack dab in the middle of the TV screen worked!

Physique 57 - 1
Suzie - 0

The 57 Minute Full Body Workout won this round!

Up to my bedroom I march to put on my workout clothes (from Target); into my Physique 57 workout room I go; TV on; DVD in; Happy Friday Tanya! :) Squeezing and Pulsing to start my long weekend.  I got my groove on....threw up in my mouth a little (sorry for the visual) but it is what it is...I worked it hard!!

Have a safe and happy Labor Day!! 

Until next time fellow Physiquesians....

PS:  8 more days till my baby girl comes home!  I'm gonna be one happy momma.

Me and my best girl!! xoxo

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