Friday, May 11, 2012


Hi faithful followers....

I've been trying to "find" myself.  I love doing my Physique 57 workouts but I have been feeling so "stuffy" lately.  I'm stuck in an office all day long then I would come home and try to Physique but our weather here in Cali is so beautiful that I want to be outside.  I have always wanted to try my at running so I thought I would do both.  I'm gonna get myself on a nice running (brisk walking to start) routine then switch off between running and Physiqueing so I can continue to work on getting toned and in shape. (I'm still dreaming of having killer abs).  I am heading to visit my Jersey Girl and SIL next month and I intend to take some Physique 57 classes with my favorite instructor so I need to stay on top of my Physiqueing too!!

I got a bit of a kick start doing a 5k on Saturday at the MS Walk, we (mom, dad, #3 and I) actually made it about 2.5 miles since we always cheat and cut the course. :) Then on Sunday, I did an actual 5k walk (with Tiffy) as part of Team Thomas at the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation Cinco de Mayo fun walk.

 Angie's MSBehavers

Team Thomas
RIP Little Dude

So I dug out my Nikes and found this super cool app for my iPhone and off I went.  I can set it and play my music and it chats to me along the way, it posts to FB so if anyone comments on my post it gives me a shout-out, then I can post my success for the day.  I love it. 

This is my total for 3 days...pretty good for a beginner.

So this sometimes lazy Suzie has put in some pretty hard workouts in the last few days.  I'm setting goals for myself.  I want to work up to running 5k's then10k's then shoot for a 1/2 marathon.  I checked on line and there is one on my birthday.  The Long Beach 1/2 marathon this year is on October 7, 54th birthday. A hefty goal but I'm gonna do my best to achieve it.

So...I'll be running and Physiqueing..... and staying well and fit and happy.

So until next time my fellow Physiquesians...and runners...have a great weekend.


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