Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Sunday!!

I took Saturday off from my Physiqueing because I was beat and I was sore and I had a ton of stuff to do yesterday.  I had a good weekend tho and I didn't feel guilty because I knew I would do my Physique 57 workout today.  I did, woot woot for me :).  It's fun to admit to myself that I really do feel good when I am getting some exercise time in.  I am still struggling with the abs work tho (bummer, because I really want to work on that area :/) but I have a hard time with positioning the mats on my lower back.  I will find a way that works tho.  I'm switching between my pillows, towels, kiddie mat and my Physique 57 ball.  I wish my private instructor was here to help me...hint hint Holly Boo!

Saturday was a really busy day...I had to take Tiffy back to the vet because she has been miserable with skin allergies and gets really bad when the pollens are going nuts or it's windy out.  Last week I had to take her in for a steroid shot and an antibiotic shot so yesterday was a re-check with Dr. Laura.  The shots worked and her skin looks much better but now she has an eye infection.  Oh my $10k Yorkie pup!! While Tiffy was back with Dr. Laura having her eyes checked...I just couldn't resist making this:

It's amazing how many pictures I have of Miss Tiffy on my iPhone...this is not even all of them.

Yesterday after Tiffy's appointment we did a impromptu trip to Disneyland.  Nothing beats seeing the Happiest Place on Earth through the eyes of little ones. It pays to be a season pass holder.  I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do...but it's really fun. Especially because it's only about 20 minutes from home.

Jon and Steph came up and stayed the night which always makes me so happy.  I love when my kids are around...I just wish my other two were not 3000 miles away and I look forward to the day when we all live in the same place again :)

So, on this lovely Sunday evening, I'm finishing up laundry, had some wedding pictures printed up, went to Ikea to buy some frames, did my Physique 57 workout (hello Tanya), and feel really good.  No complaints from this girl.  I feel like it's gonna be a good week.

Until next time my fellow Physiquesians...

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  1. Sounds like a good weekend to me! I need to make an Ikea trip, myself:) Here's to a good week ahead... :)