Thursday, April 12, 2012

Don't stop...Don't stop...

"When no one is joining in on your pity party, maybe its time you left too."

I found this quote tonight and I loved it!  I was definitely having a pity party and it wasn't getting me anywhere.  I am done, over it, ready to get past it.  

I was falling back into my old ways and making excuses...those dang old Suzie excuses.  I have been a slacker--I've not been Physiqueing.  Yes, I've done my Physique 57 workouts here and there so I could tell myself that I was Physiqueing but I really wasn't.  I've had a ton on my mind lately - a lot of heart ache and hurt feelings and stress so I was ignoring all kinds of stuff and making all kinds of excuses not to do my Physique 57 workouts.  I was telling myself that my pants aren't really too tight; my unmentionables still fit....blah blah I must be in good shape. Yeah, right!!.  The only person who was miserable it seems was I have turned over a new leaf...I'm not gonna worry about people or things that I cannot control and be thankful for who I am and what and I have and know that the people that mean the most to me are all that matter to me. that I have that off my chest...I'm gonna brave it and do something I've been putting off doing for a long time because I just plain didn't want to do it...but...I'm posting the dreaded "before" picture to start my soon to be transformation! Arghhhhh, I guess if I see it I will want to change it !! I just noticed something so funny....notice the basket of magazines and Jessica Alba looking up at me as if she is saying...go Suzie go :)

I also set some realistic goals for myself. I figured if I was successful in giving up Starbucks for Lent.....46 whole days and I didn't cheat once...then I can Physique until June when I go see my Jersey Girl and my SIL and my grand puppy.  

When I head to Jersey City...

I'm gonna do this....

And reward myself with this :) 

So, I'm super happy to say that I'm feeling pretty good tonight.  I'm happy to be back Physiqueing....I'm feeling really really good.  I got some gentle little nudges along the way from H & N to get me back on track.  My Baby Girl told me just the other day that the hardest part is getting started again (she was right, as usual) and N said that pressing "play" is the first step. Well ladies...I'm back.  

Fun blog updates will be coming...I have a ton of fun stuff to share.  My baby boy got married...I've been wanting to share the details and pictures with everyone. BTW...I got into that amazing MOG dress I was working towards and I felt amazing and looked lovely (if I do say so myself)...

So, until next time my fellow Physiquesians......remember to keep pulsing and squeezing :)

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  1.'re back!! I've missed your blog posts and was just about getting ready to send you a "friendly" little note, telling, I mean asking, you to get back to blogging! :)