Thursday, February 21, 2013


So.....I logged on to the Physique 57 website the other night, paid $5 and did 3 workouts in three days.  Some pretty fancy time management if I do say so myself....I even had 7 minutes to spare.

I love this short, sweet and structured exercise program that I can do right when I get home from work before I crash and burn for the night.

The added bonus, and major incentive for this momma, 
is this:

I get to workout with my baby girl!!

I like how I feel when I get some exercise in.  It's still too dark and cold when I get home from work to get back to my running, but at least doing Physique 57 workouts will get me back in shape so I can get back to running again real soon.  I'm excited to be back Physiqueing again and I'm looking forward to putting my running shoes back on and getting my Nike~GPS going again so I can be a Physiqueing - Running Momma.

Until next time my Fellow Physiquesians..



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