Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hidden Gem......

Happy Wednesday!

My Daily Quote:

We all have battles, whether they are with co-workers, family, friends, whatever, we all have them.  My battle is exercising!  I battle with it all the time. I start ~ then I stop. Then I get a glimpse of myself in a mirror or in the reflection of a window at the mall...I get frustrated with myself, and I hate the way I look, then I realize that I need to start again. That is what I battle all the time. But....I'm on the up side of my battle right now.  I'm winning the battle, at least for now.

I found this amazing Hidden Gem in the neighborhood across from ours. I have been looking for a park to take My Princess Sophia to on the days that she is with me and I stumbled upon this. I could not believe that I never knew this was here. This lovely park is just a stones throw away from our house. As I was checking it out, I discovered this....a FITNESS AREA!! 

I thought to  myself...if I do this and I do my Physique 57 workouts, I may just win this battle after all.  So, on Sunday, Tiffy and I headed to Rimgate Park to check it out. Tiffy loved watching all the birds flying around and the kids running around - we took a little walk to check things out and snapped a few pics along the way...we even got a cute lil selfie.

I went back Sunday evening to walk, no more running for this girl my hips can't take it anymore, but I can manage a brisk walk with no, I put in my ear buds, turned up the volume, and took off walking around the path of this lovely park.  I must admit, I did a little singing out loud along the way.  I accomplished this...walking and stopping to do the machines....

Then I headed back last night, for just a brisk walk, no machines this time, and I accomplished this...

On the agenda for tonight was this....30 minutes with my BabyGirl.  I love this DVD. I love how I feel when I am doing Physique 57 workouts. Physique 57 is such an amazing program!  I love that my daughter is so much fun and so motivating ~ she makes working out fun. She is helping me win my battle. She encourages me and always tells me how proud she is of me even tho she probably really wants to say, come on Mom, kick it up a notch! But guess what...I felt the WOW in my arms tonight! I'm going to bed felling really good physically and feeling really good about myself.  I'm getting a pep back in my step!

Oh, and since I am in the middle of my battle, and I am so motivated, I am going to buy myself these...

So, as I look at the top of this post and re-read My Daily Quote, I am confident that I am on the right track with winning this battle.  Oh and I have a secret...I will share it soon, but for now.... keep good thoughts that my secret will play out like I want it to.  And's a good secret ;-)

So for now, like I always close out my post....
until next time my fellow Physiquesians.


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