Monday, June 16, 2014

Two for two...

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

My Daily Quote.

I'm winding down for the night - feeling pretty good about myself.  Day 2 of my Physique 57 workout - CHECK!  (How great is my HollyGirl). I woke up this morning feeling well rested, a little sore, but very rested.  I slept so good last night.  I have made a commitment to myself about working out and eating right.  I stepped on the scale today; I wasn't very happy with what I saw, but if I don't know where I am, I will never know how far I have come. My daily quote fits nicely into my new mind set.  The unexplored territory for me is fitness.

We had an exciting project done at our house today.   Because we now have this little precious bundle of baby love in our family, we have invested in her safety...and the safety of all the future babies that follow her.  We put our pool in when Holly and Jonathan were teenagers so the need for a pool fence wasn't as necessary as it is now. Now that we are in another stage of our lives, that of being Grandparents, we will do anything we can to keep our Princess Sophia, and all future Grandbabies, safe.  I'm very pleased with the work and how great our backyard looks. Now, let the summer fun begin.

Maybe I can get that new bathing suit this year......

Until next time my Fellow Physiquesians....


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