Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Austin's visit...

My nephew Austin, aka Boogie, came down from Washington last week for a visit. His home base while he was here was at my older sister's house but we tried to get together as a family as much as we could.  When he arrived on Friday night, some of us headed over to Peg's house for tacos...they were delish!

Sunday we all headed out to my parent's house for a typical Orlando BBQ.  Mom and Dad are always willing to host the big family events...they are the best.  The cool thing about our family is geography is just a word.  Some of us may be separated by several states but when we do get together, we just pick up where we left need to take time to get reacquainted.  The last time we saw Austin was at Holly and Matt's wedding...almost two years ago, but it seemed like just yesterday.  Our family consists of babies, toddlers, kiddies, sorta grown-ups, really grown-ups, and some that never want to grow up!! No kids table for our family.

Hanging out until the BBQ is fired up.
On the barbie...chicken and Italian sausage.  We just cannot resist that combo....
topped off with mom's potato salad and Nancy's pasta salad...both a staple at most of our events.

Let the BBQ begin...but first....

 Nancy is the baker in the family and she did not disappoint - cupcakes - hip hip hooray!!!

Andrew and Bailey loved loved Nanny's cupcakes!!
Austin got to meet the pups, the babies and hang with his cousins.

Tiffy found another newcomer who would rub her back.
Jon, Steph & Austin
Stephanie finally got to meet Peyton Grace
Tiffy loves to give Angela kisses
This isn't even all of us....
Friday we all headed out to the Happiest Place on Earth.....Disneyland.  It was fun.  Some of us have passes, some got "signed in" and now some want to buy passes.  Mickey and his gang...oh so addicting.

First up...Tower of Terror. Natters wanted to go on that ride so bad then the whole time in line she kept saying that she only likes it a little.  She made it thru the ride while hiding her face under my arm...but she made it.
Waiting in line for Tower of Terror
We hung at California Adventure for a bit then headed over to Disneyland.  Light sabers were the hot ticket of the night...

Austin and his Papa
Me and my sweet niece Katie Rae.
They posed for this great pic...
......I jumped in for this picture....Katie must be thinking...not again Aunt Suzie.
Austin and Mona (Lisa's kids have always called my mom Mona instead of Grandma)
Austin and "Anti Peg"  
Until next time...MIC...c u real soon...KEY...why because we like you...MOUSE!

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