Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Draggin' my feet to Physique!!

I did it, but I'm not proud of myself.....last week I reverted back to my old ways making excuse after excuse to skip exercising.....I'm tired - work was hard - my back hurts - I have laundry to do...blah blah blah...anything so I didn't go and look at my "workout" room that holds all of my Physique 57 stuff.

This morning was pretty rushed...I woke up feeling very tired.  I hurried to get ready for work and feed Tiffy so I could get on the road and I forgot that I had written myself a guilt note that would greet me when I got home this evening.  Boy was I surprised when I did get home.....the note was really mean!!  I thought to, I hope I am not that mean to other people because I was really mean to myself (I don't think I am tho...phewww!). Hey, it worked. I marched my bootie up to my "workout" room, rolled out my pink mat, turned on the TV, loaded the DVD and patiently waited for Tanya.  Helllllo Tanya, I'm back.  Did you miss me? I missed you!! BTW... Just to be safe...I'm gonna leave the guilt note up for a while!

I was slow to start...missing a week really did me in, but there was no way I was going to stop especially when Tanya kept telling me..don't stop...don't stop.  I did it. I finished it. I made it thru the Physique 57 workout and wa---la...I felt great!!

I want to keep doing it...I have goals to meet. My beautiful Holly Boo is coming home in 10 days!!! Yes, 10 days..I want her to be proud of me. I want Holly to be able to tell that I have been Physiqueing...that I have been pulsing and squeezing.   I need a Physique 57 crash course...I only have 10 days, I feel like I am cramming for a final, yikes!!

My son, my Jonathan, my baby boy, is getting married in January...only 5 months away...that's it! I am mother of the groom...our shining moment...all eyes are on us when we do our Mother/Son dance. I want him to be proud of me...I want to buy a beautiful dress...not a  "mother of the groom dress" but one that is "OH WOW! That's the mother of the groom dress!" I gotta keep Physiqueing so I get that dress!

I know I am supposed to be doing this for myself...and believe me I am, but I also want to do it for my family so they are proud to say, hey...that's my mom, that's my wife....look how fit and in shape she is.

I want to go from this....
Just for the record tho...this is not a true representation of my waistline...I guessed! :)

To this.....

See how much smaller the tape measurer is... :)

This was a good blog session for me...a little fun...a little lecture...a little therapy...

Until next time fellow Physiqueians....

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