Saturday, August 20, 2011

To Physique or not Physique...that is the question??

What a week I have had....I worked late a few nights and the week was just plain super stressful.  I was so looking forward to sleeping in this morning but the dang ol' internal clock had other plans for me.  Out of bed I jump...I take Tiffy out then feed her...then....I see it....the dang note I left for myself last night....PHYSIQUE 57 in the morning.  Dang, now I'm starting to nag at myself.  Curse the person who created post-its!!

Lazy Suzie says.... No...I'm too tired. I had a hard week.
Want to be healthy Suzie's only 57 minutes.
Lazy Suzie says....No...I have stuff to do this morning.
Want to be healthy Suzie says....but it's only 57 minutes.
Lazy Suzie says....I'm the master of excuses...
I can come up with something creative to "let" me pass today.
Want to be healthy Suzie says....rather thinks of Holly and way, I can't skip today!
Holly and Tanya won!!

I put on my "jog" bra, went to my "work-out" room...turned on the Physique 57 home version DVD...Good Morning Tanya :) ...and off I went.  I got right into it.  It woke me up..I did a little better than last I feel great this morning. Ready to start my day. Off to my mom's birthday lunch in a few hours.....Italian yummies and of course birthday cake...BUT I don't feel guilty and now I can enjoy lunch today because I PHYSIQUED this morning.

No Kankles for this girl...
Until next time fellow Physiqueians....

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  1. Good for you mom!!!! So proud of you!!! Keep it up! I'm not going to recognize you when I come and visit!!! xoxoxo