Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Physique do you???

My amazing daughter Holly is a fitness instructor at Physique 57 in NYC.  I had the opportunity to take a few classes during my visits back east to see Holly and Matt.  The first class I took was oh my gosh sooooo hard!  I am super proud of my daughter, and I think this is such a neat program, but man oh man it took all I had in me to keep up and make it through the entire class which lasted a long 57 minutes (have you figured out where the name comes from??). Check out their website...and if you are ever in the Big Apple, or LA for that matter..give it a try.

During one of the "face the barre, turn your toes out, touch your heels together, bend your knees, hands shoulder width apart"...."shoulders back, head up, chest out" instructions, I took my position at the barre and I was ready to go...or so I thought.  The instructor, my sweet 1st born, walked around the studio,  she came up next to me to correct one of the aforementioned positions that I just couldn't get...and ever so lightly placed her hand on my shoulder to tell me how to correct the botched position...I looked at her with panic in my eyes and whispered to her..."oh honey, I think I am gonna throw up"... she very professionally looked me in the eyes with such sympathy and said..."you are doing great, keep it up!"  I got no love from my baby girl...I carried her for 9 months, she was less than petite (you can't tell by looking at her now), and believe me, it took more than 57 minutes to deliver her.  There are no teacher's pet, or favorites in her class...she pushed me and I finished!! BAM...I was so proud of myself...I even came back the next day and took a class right before heading to the airport to head back to Cali.

All kidding aside, this is such an amazing program.  The thing I like the most about Physique 57 is that the instructors are there for you...they are not there to work out for themselves, and if you get a little bit out of it then that's is all about you and how you feel and how you are doing and how you work through the program.  I know the instructors go thru alot to become a Physique 57 instructor because I watched Holly go thru her training....but I think the instructors that do make the cut, and are a part of the Physique 57 team, are truly the best of the best.

Holly sent me the Physique 57 home DVD set and playground ball, and I just happened to have my weights (they are even the Physique 57 blue), and I started tonight.  I set up all of my stuff upstairs, and I told myself that I am gonna get thru the entire 57 minutes no matter what.
So I started...and kept going, took a sip of water and kept going...listened to Tanya and kept going, hurt, but kept going, watched the clock but kept going. I have to be honest tho...I only have 3 lb weights...I will work up to the 5 lbs (I promise Tanya) - but I should get a bit of credit because I didn't put them down to pick up my lighter weights (mainly because I don't have any other ones), so since I stuck with the 3 lb weights, the way I see it, it all evens out!!

Day one one a success! Physique 57 was fun...I feel good tonight.  I'm committed...hopefully I won't be sore in the morning, but if I am, I know it will be a good sore. I'm gonna pulse and squeeze to a healthier me! Hey Tanya...any chance there may be a Physique 57 in the OC anytime soon!
Until next time....fellow Physiqueians...

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