Saturday, July 30, 2011


Last weekend was a great celebration weekend for our family. Our amazing dad turned 76 years old on July 20 and our parents celebrated 55 years of marriage the day after.  As our families grow, we try to get together with the "original" Orlando gang-minus Lisa who lives in Washington-to celebrate and cheer on the guest of honor.  This year was no on Sunday, it was off to the Olive Garden.   A couple of the servers recognized us and were so happy to see how well our Dad is doing. It was cool going back there because when dad was in the hospital recovering from his lung surgery, we went to that same Olive Garden to get take-out so we could have an Italian feast in his hospital room... ....picture that...his roommate gets turkey, hospital mashed potatoes, spinach and milk..and we waltz in with a major Italian feast.....jealous!!!   We are always a party no matter where we go...

Happy Birthday Daddy...76 years old and you look amazing!!
Mom, Dad, #1, #2, #3...#4 in Washington but always in our hearts.
What do you give to someone who has everything....
We gave our parents this cool heart with money hanging off of it...Perfect!!
55 years and still acting like newlyweds. 
Dad makes sure mom has all the latest bells and whistles...
he got her an Acer Tablet for their cool is my mom :)

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