Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tiffany Lucille

I'm an empty husband Holly girl is living happily in Jersey City with her super great husband Jonathan is living in Redondo Beach with his oh so sweet fiance Stephanie....sooooo, I have this amazing little four-legged girl puppy who keeps me busy and keeps me from being lonely.  I am so in love with this little pup-she is my pal, my punkin, my Tiffy Lu.  I will go to the ends of the earth to take care of this little pup.  She is spoiled rotten (I admit, that's my doing) much so that Jon says she is almost human!  She has a ton of toys, really cute outfits and as many hair bows as Holly had when she was little.  I pay monthly pet insurance for her, I make her food each week so she doesn't get sick from processed dog food....ground turkey, brown rice and pumpkin puree....come and join us for a meal - it is delicious - and I pay as much to get her hair cut as I do for my own.   She sits patiently everyday so I can do her hair with a new bow and dress her up in one of her many cute outfits....and she cuddles up at night on her pillow right next to me.  She is worth every penny I spend to take care of her!! Meet my little Tiffany Lucille.
Don't you just want to squeeze that little face
Tiffy had her big vet visit this week.  She was a good lil patient when I dropped her off for her day long comprehensive exam with Dr. Laura.  X-rays, blood work, eye exam, dental cleaning..the works for this little pup.  She is quite the drama queen (I think I made her that way) me the "oh mommy I am so tired from the medicine they gave me when they cleaned my teeth"....."please just let me rest".
Mommy....just let me rest. I've had a very stressful day at the vet.
Ouchie....look at my arm taped up from my IV
Today was grooming day for my Tiffy....she doesn't go the the groomer, he comes to her.  Tiffy has a love/hate relationship with Luis.  She plays the drama queen when his van pulls up but loves her bath, haircut and massage from Luis.
Only in the OC!
Luis and Tiffy....before
Getting ready for my beauty day with Luis....
Don't I look pretty!

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