Monday, July 25, 2011

Tiny Dancer

Natalie - 2011
Holly - 1989

On Saturday I went to my great-niece Natalie's dance recital.  It was fun and she was so dang cute.  Watching the next generation of our family enjoy the art of dance was a stroll down memory lane for me.  We have been watching a tiny dancer in our family since 1985.....when Holly started.  It just never gets old.  It's funny because Natalie looks so much like Holly that being at her recital was a total flashback for me.  Watching a little girl learn how to move her little body into magical and beautiful dance positions is amazing.  I hope Natalie falls in love with dance like Holly did.  Check it out...they both have their ID bracelets cute is that.

Natalie's is Jonathan's God Daughter....of course he would be there to cheer her on. 
Nino, Natalie and Stephanie
Granny and Nanny were there to give Natters a hug when she got off stage (Papa was there too but he was busy taking video to capture the moment).

Memaw loves her tiny dancer
Grantie and Natalie
Andrew sat with Stephanie during the show....there was a lady (teacher or mom??) who did a belly dance...Andrew wasn't too sure about it but watched the whole dance then said..."I no like that one"...out of the mouths of babes.
Andrew and Stephanie
Andrew thinking: what the heck is she doing?
Natalie and Miss Natalie

Natalie and her biggest fan....her mommy.

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