Tuesday, July 5, 2011


A new career....yes, that is what happened when Holly came into my life.  I put all other things aside and knew that I had just embarked on the best and most rewarding career of all....Motherhood.  I knew I hit pay-dirt when I became a mom. My Holly is such a unique person...beautiful, talented, funny, loving, artistic and oh so humble.  She will be the first to tell you how wonderful and amazing you are and the last to brag about herself...(that has always been my job and I do it well).  My beautiful daughter started dancing at the tender age of 3 (I actually took her for her first dance lesson with curlers in her hair because her 3rd birthday party was that same afternoon), and she hasn't stopped dancing since.  Holly danced all through elementary, jr high, high school, and college, and now as an adult, she is dancing in NYC!!  Holly left the nest in 2000 to go away to college (OSU)(and I can now openly admit that she needed time away from her very over-protective momma)....little did I know she would meet her future husband while there...."Her Matt".  Fast forward to 9-26-09 when my little brown-eyed girl became a beautiful brown-eyed bride.  Holly and Matt started their lives together on that day and the two of them have not stopped since.  We love them so much and are so proud of them.  They have made an amazing life together in Jersey City, NJ (they just bought a brand spankin' new condo--happy/sad for me because it means they will not be moving back to Cali any time soon), they dote on my Grandpuppy Maggie Lu, and just plain enjoy life.  As it was said on their wedding day, Holly and Matt, the best is yet to come!!

Daddy's little girl 
Proud momma
Our family is growing 
Who else but Holly can pull off wearing red shoes on her wedding day!!
The new Mr. and Mrs. Hendricks

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  1. Holly is truly one of those women who are beautiful inside and out. I love that like my mom and I you two are best friends. I hope to have that special bond with girls someday!