Saturday, July 16, 2011

Central Park, Jersey City and the 4th of July.....

A trip back east isn't complete unless I get a chance to visit NYC.  I love going to Jersey City because that is where Holly and Matt have made their beautiful home, but a little visit to the Big Apple always makes my trip complete.  Holly, Matt and I spent a few hours in Manhattan before Holly had to leave to teach her classes at Physique 57.  We did what most New Yorkers do during a beautiful summer day...take a snooze in Central Park.  The funny thing is...Matt and I had a great nap while Holly had to stay awake to watch our stuff...

Getting ready to take our snooze in Central Park
Next trip to Central Park I am gonna ride in one of these...
Or, one of these.....

Holly and Matt took me to do a little sight seeing around Jersey City.  I have such great childhood memories of what it is like to visit the east coast.  Jersey City didn't disappoint me!  It's funny when I go back east, I realize how very young Orange County and our City of Lake Forest is.  We don't have the history and the oh so beautiful buildings within a short drive from our home. 
I love these sidewalks with the beautiful big trees growing out of the middle. 

Light Horse Tavern, 199 Washington Street, Jersey City, NJ
Holly and Matt live in such an amazing building with such a cool view of New Jersey.  I love to have a fresh cup of coffee (I drink way too much coffee when I am there) and just take a few minutes to look out of their big living room windows and just take in the sights.  

Cool shadows from Holly and Matt's super big living room windows

The seasons are amazing and I have experienced from one extreme to the other in the last few months...
Pics from January much snow!

June much sunshine!!
Fire-cracker good time on the 4th of July.  How cool is this...we went up on the roof of Holly and Matt's building and watched the fireworks that were set off over the Hudson River with the Manhattan skyline as the backdrop.  Best 4th of July in a long time...

 Up on the roof.......
Me and my Boo 

Mr. & Mrs. and Momma

The Girls of Canco + momma 

 Happy Birthday America

Last but not least...this is how they roll in Jersey City.....Porsche style!

 Counting the days until my next visit. See you soon Jersey City!

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