Friday, November 4, 2011

Challenging Challenge....

Well Happy Friday my friends.  I'm still going stong with my Physique 57 November Challenge. I must admit, it is hard to work all day then get home and do my Physiqueing...but I'm doing it.  I am sleeping really well and waking up just sore enough to know that I'm workig the muscles that need to be worked but not too sore to think..Oh no..I've hurt myself!!

I am more deteremined than ever to stick with my Physique 57 workouts and be a success with this November Challenge!!

I've changed my eating habits as well. I am trying not to snack in between meals and no soft drinks (Diet Coke withdrawals for sure).   I have taken all the leftover Halloween Candy and treats that I had at the house to work and I am willingly sharing it all with my co-workers :) Maybe I'm trying to sabotage them, ya think...hehehe. J/K.

Holly was telling me last night that she is proud of me for sticking with it because she knows how hard it is for me to exercise.  I ordinarily don't like to exercise but I do like my Physique 57 DVD's and being a Physiquesian!  It made me feel good when she said that because I am the only one holding me accountable (except for Holly and Natasha :)...I could easily just do nothing and then blog as if I did, but between H&N, my blog, and feeling great, oh and the notes (Holly's and the guilt note), I have to be true to myself.  Plus, I have Jon's wedding as my ultimate goal. I want to look good and make him proud when my baby boy and I take to the dance floor for the mother/son dance (I'm tearing up already.)

So...Until next time my Fellow Physiquesians.....

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