Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lunch splurge then Physiqueing....

Day 5 of the Physique 57 November Challenge down!!! I had every intention of getting up early to try to Physique this morning but my desire to sleep won out.

Once I crawled out of bed (at 9am), I headed to the Apple Store to get a quick iPad lesson then met up with #3 for lunch.  We went to our favorite place and I instantly thought of :

#1 the Guilt Note, 
#2 Holly's Note,
 #3 Holly (my #1 Physique 57 Instructor),
#4 Natasha (my #1 Physique 57 Blog Reader),
 #5 Tanya (my #1 Physique 57 DVD Coach)

Sooooo, I knew that since we were at our favorite place, I would need to use will-power when ordering since I hadn't done my Physique 57 Day #5 workout yet.

We went here:
We shared this...

Each of us had this (kid's portion):
I limited myself to 1 piece of their yummy bread...

And passed on this:

And came home and did my Physique 57 Workout. YES....Day #5 a success.
I feel great...hardly had to stop at all.  Can't wait to get to my Holly's house for Thanksgiving so I can go take class(es) and do Physique 57 in person.  I think I will be able to keep up this time....heck I may even go to Target before I go to buy a new workout outfit!!

Until next time my Fellow Physiquesians.....


  1. You can do it Suzie! So proud of you for sticking to your schedule and getting your workout done when you got home. Keep it up! Can't wait to see you when you visit us in NY.

  2. Yay!! Go mom!! You are on a roll....I'm not going to recognize you when you come to visit in 2 weeks! xo