Monday, November 14, 2011

Pity Party then P57 to slap me back in shape!

No pics to post today.  I'm was having a pity party pretty much the whole day :(

.....Let me share please:

After a great weekend, feeling really good about how I looked in the pics that I posted last night....I get to work today and what is waiting for me in my inbox but the dang proofs of those dreaded work portraits we took last week.  I was so upset and disappointed in myself and the way I looked.  I felt like the fat girl sitting against the wall at a school dance knowing that no one was really going to ask me to dance. (I know, I know Holly, I'm just getting it off my chest.  I know you hate for me to talk like this)....anyways, I instantly sent Holly the link so she could look at them and then I cried when she called me to say they were great.  I love my daughter, she is definitely my biggest fan, but still, I was so unhappy with those pics.  I felt like I cried all day long today. 

I've been doing my Physique 57 workouts for a while now, most consistently during the Physique 57 November Challenge.  I was feeling pretty good about myself thinking I was one hot momma.  I was all pumped about getting to take Physique 57 classes next week while I am back east for Thanksgiving.  I even thought the door man gave me a little extra look when I left our building the other day.  My unmentionables don't seem quite as tight as they used to be, I don't have to lay down on the bed to zip my jeans anymore, I gave up Diet Coke...blah, blah, blah.


I was thinking of all kinds of ways to look good...Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, go to the doctor for diet guidance, look into that totally ridiculous HCG shot diet (my friend did it and she lost like 60 pounds-I would never do it plus I could never afford it), have an emotional breakdown so I will be so depressed that I would stop eating (not my style, I'm a happy person who tries to be up all the time).....but then...

I realized that it didn't take 3 weeks to get like this so it won't take 3 weeks to get back into the shape that I want to be.  If I am to have this "womanly body" then I will at least have this "womanly body" that is healthy with no drugs or shots getting me there.  If I am going to remain dedicated to working out so I can transform my body, if I am going to constantly work hard with my Physique 57 workouts, then I know I will get into the shape and look like I want to look but do it in a healthy way.  I may not be a size 6 again, but I will be healthy.  I will sleep well, have self confidence, keep myself fit and healthy and walk with my shoulders back and my head held high!!

Oh and by the way, I always see pictures of celebrities (Kim Kardashian, Kendra from DWTS, etc.)who have "work done" and fake boobs and are a skinny size 2...I think I am way more attractive than they are. Conceited maybe, but the minute I see those pictures, I think to myself, would I want to look like that? Nope!


I got home, took Tiffy out, put on my workout clothes (Target); rolled out my pink Physique 57 mat; said Hello Tanya, then hit play.   I felt good after my Physique 57 workout tonight. I'm working out 6 days a week, I've never done that!  I got over my Pity Party, said the heck with those pictures, it is what it is. I can't change those pictures (heck I can use them as another goal)....but I can continue to change how I look and feel thru my Physiqueing.

So...until next time my Fellow Physiquesians.....


  1. Yay Mom!!! Way to go!!! So proud of you! See you soon!! xoxox

  2. Heck to those pictures Suzie! You should be proud of yourself for staying consistent with your workouts and you look fantastic! Keep those positive vibes going and I'll see you at the studio soon. Can't wait to meet you!!!