Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Physiqueing in NYC......Woot Woot!!

I am one happy Physiquer! I have been able to take two Physique 57 classes so far and I have loved it. Being at Physique 57 in person has been amazing.  I took a class at Physique 57 on Monday and finally got to meet N....

....and further confirmed that we are BFF's!  (I'm not totally happy with the way I look in these pics (a bit too rolly polly), but they give me yet another before/after goal).

Monday, Holly and I headed into the city and I took class, then we got mani's then went out for a super yummy lunch and then headed to her Vissi rehearsal (the piece she is working on is amazing BTW).  A lovely day with my baby girl to say the least.  I was thrilled that I got to meet Tanya as well.  She is so nice and seems like such a fun person.  I really enjoy doing my Physique 57 DVD's with her (I'm taking the advanced 30 minute express DVD home with me) - being at the Physique 57 studios was great because I got some much needed corrections and realized that I have not been doing stuff correctly but will from now on.  Tanya asked me if I was doing straight legged pushups yet...I told her NO but I took that as a challenge and ...

Yesterday, I again went to Physique 57 UWS with Holly and took her class. Man or man, my daughter is one tuff cookie.  But.....guess what Tanya?? I did 10 straight legged pushups for the very first time and my daughter witnessed it!  I was so proud of myself.  I cannot say enough about how great I feel Physiqueing! And I must add, I could not do even 1 pushup a couple of months ago!!

I was talking to N about a December Challenge...hmmmm, what will it be?  I decided to do my own challenge in conjunction with the November, and soon to be, December Challenge (keep me posted N).  There are 59 days until Jonathan and Stephanies' wedding so I am going to do my very own Physique 57 (+/- a day) 57 day challenge...(this gives me a day to get back home to start it)...but I am energized and ready to hit my Physique 57 DVD's so I am svelt for the wedding.

I am hoping to get in one more Physique 57 class before I head home on Saturday.  H&N...please tell all of the other girls that I had the pleasure of meeting, and seeing again while in town, that I thank them all so much for making me feel so welcome and a part of the Physique 57 family.  As a mother who has a daughter living 3000 miles away from home, it is nice to know that she has such a great circle of amazing ladies in her life :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone...tomorrow we are up bright and early to head to the 
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!  
I'm so excited.

So until next time my fellow Physiquesians.....

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  1. So great meeting you! Come back and visit us again soon. :)